Tuesday, September 11, 2007

JANIN begins on 9/11

The production of Janin starts today i.e 11 September 2007... Now i can tell my grandchildren Janin started production on September 11. Of course i would remember that date since the twin towers in new york did collapsed on that day 6 years back. But the reason i would most remember the date is because my brother's birthday is on the 12th. Sentimental gitu.. huhu.

Janin is a story about a baby toyol. A toyol with the female gender whom we name Esah...
Look to your right... A design by our hottie Sue Anna Joe... Of course this is just a design.. and the hair aint suppose to be wavy and full.
Anyway, like Dunia Baru the Movie. Janin had 10 drafts. 10! .. And last minute changes even 12 hours before the shoot. We had to do it. Although, i was a breaking point because i was soooooooooooo tired. Tapi i buat jugak.
So, i'm going to Melaka to see the first scene at the Kelong. Yes. Tonite is the scene when Esah dies as Inaiyah.

Erika my beautiful niece shall be Inaiyah..
So, i shall be going this afternoon with the guys. Lets hope its a good trip.

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