Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MOT is short for MOTION

Mot is not short for Comot. Its Short for 'Motion'. Sheesh.. brapa kali nak cakap.. Mot is a straycat which i found in KLCC. He's not siamese cat with lotsa fur. He's just a normal cat who loves flowers. I kid you not. I have given up on growing plants or flowers as he tends to eat them raw and destroy them out of love.

Mot at 1 month- peekaboo

Mot at 3 months - manjanye..

Mot at 6 month - Skinny and Scraggly
That's my 4th plant which Mot has destroyed. For Hari raya, he had devoured two stems of roses and two stems of orchids. He does plastic flowers too. He doesnt eat them. He just looks at them.

Mot at 9 months - regal

Mot now.. 1 years old - the businessboy


®[-..::IêJa ÇÜtE::..-]® said...

aww.. sho cute! i like cats t0o.. he looked like my beloved Bobot.. gemok.. hehehe.


Isnt he?! He's so funny too. Kalau dia lari, macam rabbit. Tertonggek-tonggek.

And he loves ulam raja, gets his head stuck in so many places and has two words he understands which is 'Sini' and 'Makan'.

®[-..::IêJa ÇÜtE::..-]® said...

lolll! gile cumil..hahaha..geram tgk..rasa nak pelok2 gomol2.. muahahah!! ;)