Monday, November 5, 2007

Everyday's an adventure.. Embekkkk...

The thing about life is you never know where it'll take you. Well, last week it took me to Bentong, Pahang at Best Goats and Farm where 163 goats welcomed me with open feet...
I went with Jo ( juara) and Razak. I was late because i had to send this heart wrenching email to one of my clients.
Then i slept the whole way to Bentong. And slept all the way back. With all the head action.. i swear, i must have looked hilarious.. Tapi, bila dah mengantuk tu, i dont care!
Isnt he a cutie? I swear in real life - lagi cute!! This little kid goat virtually ran out to greet us as we arrived there...Anyway, this little goat is a boer goat. And they reputedly taste good.

Honestly, im not vegetarian, tapi i just kept thinking ' how can anybody eat anything so cute?' Why? Why?? Honestly, had i brought my huge striped laundry bag, i would have shove that kiddie in the bag and force Mot to befriend him... It's a cycle of life i suppose but the farm was a slaughter house and the goats all awaited death. That was pretty chronic...
The owners told us, never to name the goats, to prevent attachment. I dont care .. I name this goat - Lancelot.

Comel ek? Memang comel...
Anyway, this project is part and parcell of a top secret project that im involve in. che wah! Because im involved in it, its going to be great. Yes.. i have high regards of myself, despite the fact that i have a lot to work on.
And down there is Juara.. or Jo.. crouching down to get a fantastic angle on the goats for his family photo album, i guess..

And here's Quickie. He's the main stud.. He's the goat with zillion of sperms.. He's pushing Razak, the King of this goat house...

It was pretty cool and agriculture seems fun. I dont minding a herd of sheep and goats one day.. but i do mind the slaughter. Im very emotional and can get highly attached. The sight of a cow running away from slaughter, which i witnessed 3 years ago, made me teary eyed and until today, i think of the poor cow that was made into a steak, rendang.. etc. Sedih tol.

I wish that we can make meat from stones or sand or whatever..

So, ill leave it up to the brave to handle the slaughter and what not..

Okee doke. I have said my peace. Goodnite.

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