Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dunia Baru 3 dah keluar

Saw it yesterday, during a casting session which i had to join coz the tv was in the casting room.

Anyway, the camera works is slightly different. Very experimental but a lot of zooming in and out. But i guess its very 'the office' kinda style. Im okay with that.

But a slight misinterpretation of character. Opie's a bit rougher than what i want her to be. For example, originally, Opie was suppose to jump on Suzanna's bed and leave her dirty foot marks on the sheets. I thought that be cuter because, Opie is not vindictive. She's not the type to do something so outrightly vicious. She's the girl next door. So, characterwise, she wouldnt throw out Suzanna's clothes from teh closet unless, Suzanna started it first.

Director's perrogative i guess...

Other than that, its okay. I was actually quite nervous because i thought personally the first episode was just okay. All the excitement starts in the second episode actually. So, you know, how important it is to hook people with the first episode. Dah lah, masa tengok tu, Aishah, our little assistant producer, gelak sikit aje.. cis..

Anyway, I just hope the rest of the characters are not misinterpreted.

All in all, Feroz did a good work. He's one of the best directors around and we do have to remember he, did have to take over from Yeop Hitler. So, he may not be so familiar with the characters..

Okee doke. I better start writing this Bella thingy..

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