Monday, November 12, 2007

Dunia Baru Musim Ke-3

Dunia Baru 3 will start airing on 19 November 2007. Yippee..

Am i excited? Well.. im more anxious about preparing the accounts for KL Motion right now, so i cant really think. Ive lost one electric bill amounting to Rm1k ++ and im going berserk just looking for it. Damn! Damn! Long sigh.. longer sigh.. damn..damn..*&^##@@#

Okay, nuf of the cursing.. Ive always hated accounting. I got a C for it during A-Levels. My excuse for the C was i had 3 huge bisul ( I swear!) occupying my left eyelid during the exams that forced me to wear a patch like a pirate (.. Aye!) and of course, having half of your eye sight blocked out limits your abilities to calculate properly. Hehe.. Actually, i was just hopeless in accounting. Tu sebab i took law..

Anyway, ter-detract pulak from the main subject. So am i excited? Well, biasa aje lah kot.. I really haven't had time to even ask how the production went was and im less jakun. Im sure that Dunia Baru 3 will turn out fine under the capable hands of Jalena and Feroz Khan. Yes, M.Hitler Zami has moved on to bigger things ( Movies) and i hope he does well. And im glad, that Jalena chose Feroz Khan out of ratusan directors out there. Ive always liked Feroz. He's a cool dude. And i like his touch.

Honestly, at this point. Im more worried about the fourth season. Well actually, being the prollific writer that i am, ive got a story for the fourth installments for Dunia Baru and my idea for the next Dunia Baru Movie.. ( sabar-sabar sikit ya Cik Liza.. Movie pun tak keluar dah ada idea untuk movie ke 2.. hehe..)

Anyway, lets story a bit about the 3rd season. Manalah tau ada orang nak tau.. But then again, does anyone read my blog other than the talented Sue Anna Joe..( see Sue Anna.. ive mentioned your name again.. what does that say about what i think about you... muaah!)

I had dreams for Dunia Baru..ideas.. especially on Adif and Erika..

In my dreams, Erika moved into Opie's house and there was a lot of jealousy here and there between Opie and Erika, with of course, Opie doing most of the silly things. ( that partly happened in DB3). I also wrote in the story whereby Ummi, Pierre's found out that Adif was in love and she absolutely went berserk. Ummi , of course thought, Erika had casted some spell on him and brought Adif to the edge of the world to this religious old man where he had to undergo some funny rituals.

Sounds funny huh? Well - scrap that. SCRAP IT, I SAYYYY.. that will never happen. Well not in this season.. maybe season 4.

You see, Dunia Baru third season was written with a lot of limitations..

1) Pierre Andre was going to be busy with his directing pursuit so, i was advised to limit his character a lot.
2) Baizura aka Erika, was also busy with her studies so, no can do.

But the thing about scriptwriting is, you can always create new things. You just have to think hard.... And i think hard when it comes to writing.. ( the accounting bit aje, i tersangatlah lemahnya)..

So, in comes Rio.. in comes Chichi..

A romantic angle for Tajol.. Yey. I like him..

More stories on Suzanna and Opie. And of course, revive Yusof a bit.

These are the main new characters for Dunia Baru season 3.

Who plays them? I will only know on Monday, 19 November 2007. I would have found out tapi, as i said, i have some accounting to do..I should have hired a bookeeper earlier.

Okay, i said my peace. I shall return to my accounting..

Good luck Madihah, Adif, Opie, Tajol, Darius, Anizah, Erika, Sariah, Suzanna, Chichi and Rio! May the DB wit stay with you...

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