Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There must be a Purpose

I hope this is not one of my angan-angan mat jenin blogs. I pun dah tak ingat this is my blog yang keberapa and i have indeeded opened several blogs and once i open it, i tell myself ' i dont write for free' or i complete forgot my password or i just totally forgot i opened a blog. Tu yang tak pernah jadi tu..

But this time im taking it seriously, cause i wrote down my password and username. And i'll push myself to update this blog. Manalah tau, ada orang berminat nak tau pasal KL Motion Picture and my works. Huhu..

To note, this blog is a result of my sudden spurt of energy. Spurt!
And i have been so tired for the past weeks. Rasa nak tidor aje 24 jam. Every opportunity i get to sleep, i terus dive (head first) into bed.. Bestnye. I've always like sleeping.

I mean, despite the fact its two in the morning and i have a presentation at 9.30am which means i have to move from here at 8am, tiba-tiba mengada nak bukak blog. Bukak lah..

And of course i dont do anything without a purpose. Hence the purpose of this blog is to educate readers as i educate myself on the filmmaking process, to update readers on what my current works are and KL Motion Picture and to document the magical process of believing ( even though i have been told that its crap)!

i want to be a tun sri lanang.

The title of my blog is taken from our projects .. 'Magik' featuring Ezad Indra D'zid, Malaikat Nak Landing and of course, my all time favourite Dunia Baru.