Friday, January 18, 2008

I need a little Stardust and Charlie Cox is so hot

Im so addicted to Stardust. Its been 13 days since i last watched Stardust and i need a bit of Stardust daily just to keep on moving.
Its just basically a great movie but im a bit disappointed coz it didnt do well in the box office. Its okay Mr Vaughn and Mr Gaiman. Ill support you guys.

And Charlie... He's younger than my brother and im like 36.. but he's so cute.
Feel like those days when i was head over heels in love with John Taylor of Duran-duran...

Man, im so ancient..

Charlie, if you read this. I support your career. Just dont turn gay or end up with a female artist i totally despise like.. like.. er..

Wow, i dont hate anybody.

That's so mature...


nizam said...

accidentally read yr blog..and to my is you who write those dunia baru script..
i just watched it and i think it would be a nice to see anizah couple with least show something that "cintan-cintun" during campus life also give motivation to be more success and very focus person too. Still remember those lovely days in campus life. Like tajul and anizah is brilliant and another is so business minded...and they are cute too :) All the best with yr scriptwriting..adios


Hi Nizam

Thanks for accidentally visiting my blog..

Yes, your in line with my thinking. I think Tajol and Anizah would make a great couple... Lets do that!