Friday, February 8, 2008

Dunia Baru The Movie di Pawagam.

The movie's out.Reviews are mixed! Some people hate it, some people dont. Some people like it, some peole love it.

The hazards of being a scriptwriter is you subject yourself to the publics comments easily. So, to be a scriptwriter, youve got to take everything with a pinch of salt. Bukan garam halus tau, tapi garam kasar !!

Comments can be really harsh. I just don't appreciate the ones with profanities. Tolong lah. Have a bit of class lah. Aiyo. I think people who use profanities have negative lives. So, i dont lose a bit. I really hope they realize how bad it is for them. The more they use it, the more they spiral down

Regardless, DB and DBTM was a strategic experiment for KL Motion myself. The resuls of the movie shall basically give us understanding of the ever so volatile market.

And i still got a lot to learn. I wish i could work with my favourite, favourite directors Ridley Scott, Rob Reiner, Nancy Myers and writers Nora Ephron and now ( Mr Matthew Vaughn). Bila lah tu??

Anyway, yesterday my emotions were highly depended on viewers comments on DBTM.

9:06am - Positive comments. Yey!!
3:27pm - Kye calls and says OU is sold out.Yey!
4:05pm - Negative comments. "ohh like that ahhh..Arghhhh.. "
4:28pm - Woohooo!
4:59pm - Really?? It cant be that bad.
5:05pm - Arghhhhhhhh
6:09pm - Yeyyyyy!!
6:10pm - Puke.. Puke.. Puke..muntah wekwek ( I was sick yesterday)
8:00pm - Yeyyyyy!
9:00pm - Yeyyyyyy!
10:00pm - Ouch!! Mot attacked my foot..

I've got my own views about the movie. Of course, i didnt get everything i wanted as per the script but i cant do much about it. I wasnt the director. But the script book's coming out so, i hope that would make me deliriously happy.


Masriaty said...

Good movie.. even ada part yg saya blur.. maybe wrong timing kot!!
Kalaulah movie lagi panjang sure lagi banyak yg boleh dimasukkan..


Oh, really sorry about that. We'll try better next time,okay. OUr intent tak nak buat orang pening pun. Just to make a very light story that makes audience laugh. WE only had 90 minits to do all that.

So, we just dumped as many 'original' jokes yang orang tak pernah buat dan tak disangka-sangka in the script, as possible. Our creative team at KLMotion was laughing already during the scripting process. Then we handed it over to Yeop to do his magic pula!