Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dunia Baru Season 4 or will it be Dunia K...? Hehehehe

On DB3:-

Its ended. Feroz did a good job,kan? Cuma cameraworks tu buat kepala i pening sikit..

The kids were fantastic. Almy's improved from before but i wish Almy downplayed her acting a bit.

But, all in all, i think it did well. FEroz was spot on with the ending. Elyana was superb as always. She's just matured as an actor. I love the fact that she is able to convey expression with just a slight twitch of her mouth, eyes. She's very good.
And i like how Fiqrie portrayed Rio. He's quite 'spot on' with the acting. I wish he didnt dye his hair. When a guy dyes his hair, i always get a graphic portrayal of them sitting in a hair saloon for 4 hours. That's metrosexual.

I think some people we're unhappy with the ending. Like my friend YM me and said 'Why didnt you end it like properly? End Rio and Opie together!'

There are reasons for that.

Now, since i like Rio so much, im seriously considering for Rio to... la la la la la..

ON DB4...

It still in talks. Im still developing storyline. No kata putus yet from stations nor GB...

Outline of the story is already in my head and on paper already.

Its going to be damn hilarious if i can pull this one of like 1,2,3.

Somebody just called me and asked me, if Opie was going to be seduced by some junior who will be played by Anding. Huh???

I was like 'what? sapa cakap tu?'
'Orang baca kat internet.'
'Oh ye ke? no lah...'

I tak berapa encourage kalau orang laki muda go for older woman. I believe its best that the men are older than the woman. Baru perempuan senang nak hormat sikit.
REspect goes a long way in marriage/relationships. I myself went out with younger guys TWICE (during my courting days) and i felt SO freaking awkward.

Hmmm...Then again....that is an interesting idea... Maybe, we can try that! But not with OPie lah kot. Maybe with Suzanna?

Anyway, my plans for DB4, there will be more new characters, that's for sure. And it'll be, insyaAllah, cool!

One viewer would like Anizah to end up in Tajol. I like that but not yet. Not yet.
Anizah and especially Tajol, have a long life up ahead.


miya said...

Akum Puan Wan,

Betulke ada dunia baru ke 4?

Masriaty said...

Hi Puan Wan,

Betul ke ada Dunia Baru musim ke 4??!! Can't believe it.. But I can't wait for it to...
Saya dah jatuh cinta dengan Dunia Baru since musim pertama lagi..
lagi2 dgn karektor Adif and Opie.. mengimbau kenangan laluu..

Caranthir said...

in DB4, get the gang to play paintball!

Anyways, I love DB series. Keep it up!


Hi Masriati.

Thanks for watching DB3!

As for DB4, im still developing the paperwork and story. Really up to GBSB and TV3. Hopefully its okay!

Hi Caranthir.
Sebenarnya, in Season2 dah ada dah diaorang main paintball. Masa Opie and Yusof were together. But do throw in other ideas as to favourite teenage hangout places, okay?

Take care, Wh.

Caranthir said...

ye ker? haisehh.. sorry i missed that. well, maybe have them play in a proper MY-NPL tournament or something.

as you already know, paintball promotes teamwork! ;)

GAIA said...

Hi Kak Wan, sumbody from Cari Forum dgn nama glamer Kak Makh mintak fwdkan idea ni kat sini...


akak takde blog, so nk kasi sugestion kat Wan Hasliza kat blog dia takleh..sesapa yg sudi nak postkan cadangan akak kat wan hasliza..ada tak?


" Wan Hasliza, nak throw idea for upcoming new season..since budak2 tu dah masuk final year, why dun buat first half of the season babak diorang go separately for their internship. tp everyweek, diorang still ada masa nk berkumpul lah. so, from internship, kita kembangkan balik kisah opie and adiff, contohnya buat watak staff (engineer) jatuh cinta dgn Opie, and at the same time, Adiff pun satu internship dgn Adiff. Pastu mulalah Adiff jealous. Apart from that, storylah pasal cinta jarak jauh antara Adiff and Erika, which is end-up not so well. Sepengalaman I, senior yg kapel ngn junior, lepas senior grad, byk yg putus.

nak request, bleh tak invite these young talent utk berlakon skali, maybe watak2 barulah...contohnya ambil Nora Danish (vise verse to watak tough girl -Opie), or Nas-t (KAMI) for watak young engineer yg suka kat Opie masa internship...hehehe. ataupun, ambil pelakon cam Sharifah Amani, Liyana Jasmay, Farid Kamil as a cameo. Sure meletop.

Hope u dapat pertimbangkan k.

SuperMakh! Bekas Dekan Dunia Baru


Hi Gaia & Supermakh!

Wow! Howd you guys guess?

Internship will be next phase in their growing up. That's definitely part of what we were planning for the story.

I like the minat-minat part by senior staff. That so happens kan when we start work? ;)

Youre right about the non-lasting relationships.

That's the whole message for Dunia Baru. Life is unexpected... and life is wild ride. Do you agree? It was for me...

Great ideas! Keep throwing in the suggestions, okay.

Sue Anna Joe said...

Hai Kak Wan. Saya sayang Kak Wan. Awaklah boss nombor satu saya.

Hidup Kak Waaaan!!!

Ashwin said...

This is an awesome show and there must be a season 4! I began to panic a little when i saw the movie and i thought they were trying to wrap up the storyline in the end! I was like nooo!

I would like to see in season 4 anizah softening up Tajol a bit, get his mind off money all the time (but you have to love the businessman!) Darius needs to get his act together or Madi should beat him, and poor opie needs some stability!

Keep up the great work!

♥ ShaZ ♥ said...

i wish you bring back Fikri to act as Rio again.. and make Rio and Opie together..! happy ever after..! =)

nass jusoh said...

I miss so much DB!. I watched it when i was in form 3 or 4, now im taking degree. and me still watched it again and again. I also loved DBTM. Pn Wan since its been awhile, have you ever think of DB4 or DBTM2 ? love to know it since im one of the biggest fan of DB... :D hoping for a reply :)

amirrof fakira said...

tibe2 tringat citer dunia baru,nak sangat tgk balik cite 2,tp banyak dah xde,huhu,dunia baru give me a lot of courage,sbelum ni i plajar yang tercorot n xtahu kat mane nak pegi after spm,tp slepas je i tgk dunia baru s1-s3,it gives me courage and saya blajar sungguh supaya jd cam dlm karakter lam citer 2 and i now saya odw amik degree di ipta.. thanks DB..