Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mammoth Cup of Nescafe

This is nescafe in gelas air yang biasa digunakan untuk air buah on my messy desk. Asked Azni (she's a dear) my assistant to order Nescafe from downstair.

Then the mamak came up and brought me this. Huge mammouth besar gedabak glass of nescafe which cost Rm2.90.

Question : Now why would somebody give me a mammouth glass of nescafe when i asked for the normal one?

a) Forward thinking Assistant anticipated that i would be thirsty;
b) Forward thinking Assistant just wanted to trick me and lock me up in my room with my mammouth nesacafe and never bother the other staff until office hours dah habis;
c) Mamak understands customer needs;
d) Mamak trying to charge extra.

I dun wanna know. Really.

Anyway, listening to Gita Gutawa's Sempurna. Sweet song. Makes me wanna hubba-hubba.

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