Sunday, February 17, 2008

South Park is damn fah-neeeee..

South Park is so hilariously funny but i dont recommend for the faint hearted to watch it. Watched 1 or 2 eps dulu tapi tak pernah sampai habis and never gained by interest. Reintroduced to it last year tapi tak sempat nak tengok jugak pasal sibuk. And if anybody knows me, i memang susah nak ketawa. I watched Borat without even laughing. Not even a peep. The guys say its because im a girl. Girls dont laugh at guys jokes.

But South Park is a guy thing. So why am i lauhing. So explain that.. haha

Im watching South Park as a commercial break for my writing. The subject matter for Bella and Janin Novel is so evil, aku asyik pening aje. I have to be in the evil mood when im writing and that's so tiring cause im deep down very nice ( ye ker?) Bila dah pening menulis, i hafta pasang South Park.

Don't watch South Park if you're righteous pasal banyak sangat benda outrageous as well as profanities, featured every 2 minits. Have to watch it with open mind. I like it because banyak element mengejut. Its really funny cause its unexpected. The jokes are original and mindblowing. The creators are brilliant.
Eric Cartman - damn your so evil!

Today, as i was watching an episode of South Park, i fell off my chair just laughing at one of the episodes. More like ketawa 'hahaha', tepuk-tepuk peha, then slide (my office chair at home), crash, boom, bang. Sakit siol. Nasib baik its not in public.

The second last time i fell in public was at this airport with 'ManwithnotevenCMS' (whom i have forgiven. Forgiveness is a sign of maturity, not stupidity. Dengar tu, Rogue!) But he just walked on. Barua tol. I was so upset with myself because i was 33at that time, and i was still tripping over things, falling here and there everywhere. And i fall a lot! Kalau 24 cute lah, tapi kalau dah 33 - ya Allah. I felt slightly depressed at that incident. I remembered, i was moaning the whole week after the incident, "what's wrong with me?" Worst, the week after i fell at the airport, i was waking in Mines and i took a wrong step and just tumbled down the stairs kat tengah the mines. Bahaya betul tangga tu. The steps were tiny and steep. That fall memang sakit gila...

I always divert from main point.

My point here is South Park - damn funny.


Roguester said...

Wise man say: "Forgive your enemies, once you have your revenge"


Man, you are so not 'the secret'!!