Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ad Lib Nightmare

"Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" coos Zahar to Bella.

"Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" coos Zahar to Bella again.

Myself and my writer, Farahiya, wrote this drama called Bella. I mentioned it in an earlier blog. Ive checked everything she writes and "Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" was one of those things that did not pass the inspection of Wan Hasliza.

I didnt write it and she didnt write it. So who the hell wrote it?

Yes. It was an adlib thingy.

I understand that when people are in love, it necessitates them to call each other something endearing. But "Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"??!!


I'm so freaking humiliated. I would never write a dialogue like that.

Oh God!

In fact, that doesnt happen in reality. Unless my feet was a size 2 lah, then befits the name Cinderella.

I mean, heck. If my love interest called me cinderella, i divorce him that instant.
No lah.. Maybe set him aside and say, ' You smoking pot?'

=Burn baby burn baby burn baby burn.
And no, dato ismail is not alive.

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