Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hooperz is at its 4th draft, finally.

Hooperz is made from :-

satu, Netball So-so Experiences in Carigali. It wasnt so bad. We won actually but man, it was so political... I like volley better.

dua, Green Tea Latte (testing hari tu and then because the starbuck people accidentally cleared my mug before i habis minum, they gave me a new one.)

tiga, Nescafe Kosong in Mammouth Glasses ( letak Equal to reduce sugar intake)

empat, Caramel Machiatto

lima, Starbucks Black Coffee yang sungguh tak best ( lupa bawak duit hari tu)

enam, lotsa tuna in a can (malas nak keluar makan. Yeah i keep cans in my house. Too lazy too cook. That's all i buy nowadays plus Fruit and Fibre cereal. At least i have food in the house)

tujuh, lotsa mcdonalds (malas nak keluar makan lagi)

lapan, kamikaze girls

sembilan, Juno (its not a movie i would watch over and over again tapi i thought it was interesting)

sa-puloh, lots of lying still and staring at the ceiling ( i do this a lot)

sebelas, 10 year old reader's digest. ( i have a bunch. I read 'Laughter, the best medicine' almost every day before i sleep.)

dua belas, lotsa Bickering with Dhojee (peace bro! i know you sometimes wanna clobber my head.. ditto. nasib baik i pompuan.. hehehe.. This should be number 2 actually)

tiga belas,Slight reconciliable differences with Iqbal( peace bro!)

empat belas, Lotsa Imogen Heap ( in particular Goodnight and Go, Cant Take it In, Hide and Seek. I played only these songs while writing the movie.Lupa. plus Dewa Dewi by Ahmad Dhani)

Lima belas, Outing with nieces and nephews ( Love that new song. What was it? Watermelon.. watermelon..papaya papaya ...( to the beat of 'are you sleeping bro john))

enambelas, Rug from ikea which now decorates my loving room. I contribute this purchase to Dhojee's overwhelming input on Hooperz which consequently made me lie a lot on the floor which consequently made me suffer these headaches which consequently made me hop to ikea and consequently made me purchase a rug.

Tujuh belas, Ugly Betty 3rd Season ( the writers in Hollywood apparently had a strike which halted the production of Ugly Betty halfway)

Lapan belas, Fight with family pasal tak balik raya cina.. hehe..

Sembilan belas, Mot, of course. His prancing around gives me inspiration.

Dua puluh, my late dad's favourite phrase.. kata-kata itu doa..

Apa-apa pun, i am very happy its done.


Rogue said...

Well done. Now chop! chop! Next script pls.


tengah buek ah ni.. dah page 12 ah.. hehe

the said...
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the said...

don't blame me for your shopaholic tendencies!