Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Magical Country and Arthur

Firstly, i need a new mouse.

On to the blog...

My nieces Elisa, 9 years old and Sofea, 12 years old, have recently been bitten by the writing bug.

They too want to be writers. Cute huh?

Anyway, they wrote a story each

Elisa's story is titled 'The Magical Country'. And although Elisa's language was tunggang terbalik and the story was 1 and half pages long, the effort was cute. Basically its about a boy named Verus who found a weird thing ( dun ask me what. She didnt describe it) and opened the door of the weird thing and went into a totally different world. There was some fighting action and the baddies had green blood.

Sofea's untitled story was about Arthur who fell into hole and met a warlock who had a cat ( i hope she wasnt insinuating me) and went from one adventure to another and finally wins the princess. I asked her to change the name Arthur to something malay.
She also had great ideas for the stories.

My nieces are largely incluence by Roald Dahl and Cerita Rakyat ( our books when we were young.

Im proud of them. Imagination is an Adventure of the Mind"

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