Friday, March 14, 2008

Tough Script So Far

Currently writing/rewriting a movie. It's the toughest story so far ive ever written.

Got a freaking back ache and the pizza's freaking late and i freaking got sore fingers, a norm for writers. I wish i could think the freaking words on the freaking screen. (as you can see, im trying to reduce saying 'f**k' a lot ever since my recent adoration (is there such a word) of Southpark. Im freaking tainted after ive watched Southpark.

Listening to Imogen Heap's 'Cant Take It In' as my theme for the movie

Great dreamy song with lyrics.. like = laaa...laaa lalalala laaa laaa' and etau..etau..etau ( dont ask. Dunno know what that freaking means)

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