Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Senda-Senda Islam here...

I was just reading some blogs saying that DBTM mempersendakan islam.


Before the fact, i had a feeling that somebody will bring up the matter.
But, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. In fact, if they want to hold long debates on the matter, please proceed.

A few facts..

Firstly, if they are familiar with my writing, i like to emit messages subtlely.
Secondly, i believe in the power of prayer - the key to fulfillment.
Thirdly, 'Sepohon Kayu' is a song. It is not Quranic verses. And not a lot of people have heard the song. so, was it wrong that we popularized it again.
Fourthly, the lyrics in the song clearly state that its an invitation to pray. Imagine more than 200,000 people watched the movie. More that 200,000 people heard the verse ' Walaupun Hidup Seribu Tahun, kalau tak sembahyang apa gunanya..' sang by teen icons Elyana and Pierre.

So, now... if we made a 100,000 teenagers hum that song, is that so wrong?

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