Friday, May 16, 2008

Bella TV3 - The End

I surely hope that i made the Bella viewers cry buckets of water watching the ending of Bellla. I know, a lot of people weren't in agreement with my sad sad ending but, i thought it was the most logical ending.

The most important thing was to touch audiences emotions. And to do so, i had to play on 'regret'.

It was not easy writing the ending because i was in the happy, teenage Hooperz boppy Mood so, to revert back and be depressed, victimized and vindictive was really tough. But i did it and left it up to the e.p, director and casts to execute it..

Anyway, on the production, there were hiccups here and i hoped that it was done not so in a rush as it could have been better but, overall, it was okay.
And the cast all did a great job.


aTiE said...

haa baru leh comment pasal BELLA..
ending mmg OK.. GOOD WORK!!
Tahniah kak Wan..

cuma kalau laa ada 1 episod lg utk summarykan apa yg terjadi untuk setiap watak kan best...
nak tgk sgt2 apa jadi pada 3 watak jahat tuh...


thank you Atie.

Tu lah. Sebenarnya, pak hassan ada sebut mereka masuk jail. But yes, we should have build on more on the bad guys. Every department in production was in a rush becoz production was hectic. Tu sebab, bab tu tertinggal.

We'll do better next time..

Halimah said...

Hi... yeah I agree with you the ending was good. In fact, yeah you really made the audience shed some tears(including me). However, I strongly feel that Zahar should be given 2nd chance and that he should be reunited with Bella knowing that he is really had to do the job as per Shah's instructions and that he really regretted his actions. Well, probably because I am exposed to Bollywood movies too much that I always love happy ending. Overall congrats to you.

Btw, some audiences were also hoping for sequel to this drama. Any intention of doing it? Who knows Bella's death could juz be her dreamt while she was in coma??? I meant she was unconscious n rushed to hospital.. hehehe... no lah.. juz that being one of the viewers, I really miss this drama esp. the Zahar Bella bit. Congrats for introduction of Iqram-Elly pair.


Hi Halimah,

Like you, i myself am a bollywood junkie too.. i like happy endings to but i think i was slightly influenced by sad tragic ending like Devdas at the time i was writing it, hence why Bella ending is as such... (i cried myself to sleep watching Devdas)

Sequel? Well... Its quite tough now that she's gone..But we'll see. If Tv3 request for sequel, then i may have to figure out something..

But i prefer coming up with new stories. They'll be more stories coming up. Ones similar to Bella and Mya Zara...

Btw, thanks for watching ya.. And keep watching..