Thursday, June 12, 2008

Achtung - Hooperz is in Progress

Yup.. yup.. yup..

Hooperz has started production from 9 June 2008 and shall end 18 days later.

So far, things are on track. I wish i could set myself in front of the monitor and watch the magic of movie making but unfortunately, i can't be there all the time because ive got so many things to do at the office.

And today, i'm burning up like a furnace and my nose has ran away. I meant, i have a runny nose..omg! has my illness affected my humour?(shocking gasp)

Anyway,I've downed 1.5 liters of water in the past 1 hour because i feel im evaporating and my eyes are dry and sore. If only the cellulite in the body would evaporate..IF ONLY. But, i aint worry cause i can 'secret' my cellulite away.

Sidetrack: Mariana Hashim has remarried and Sue Anna Joe has married. And both occassions, we could not attend as it clashed with Hooperz schedule. Congradulations to both. I wanna marry too..

ill upload pics of Hooperz later. Leceh lah..

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