Monday, September 1, 2008


Lima is a serial drama series produced by KL Motion Pictures (of course) for Astro Ria. It's my first ever directing feat. Initially, i wasnt suppose to direct but the original director had other obligations and hence, had to take off.

In a hazelnutshell, Lima is a 12 episode sob story serial. It stars talented stars such as Nam Ron, Irma Hasmie, Watie Elite, Wan Azly, Intan Nor saina, Anita Baharom, Anding, Sari Yanti, Kak Normah Damanhuri, Riz Ainuddin, Fikrie Bakar, Beto Khusyairi, Zarin, Marisa Yasmin, Zazli, Along Effendy and a many more talented actors and actresses..Of course, a huge part of the story was carried by young child actors namely Aqeen, Farah Nadia, Syainie Aida, Syazwan and Dania.

Lima was executive produced by Kye, DoP by Pali Yasir and his ever so patient team. I was assistent by Reen Emran, sound was taken care by Rashid, conty was taken care by Mas, Wardrobe and Makeup by Fina and Along, the art dept was a young crew consisting of Faris, Dath and gang. The whole team was product manage by Azie, Mujeed, Shuk, Izal and few others. Have i missed a name. And and the post is supervised by Amirul and another person, i cant mention due to national security reasons.

It was a 26 day shoot.. i basically directed for 22 days full. Crazy scheduling.
Sound problems. Weather problems. Name all the problems anybody might encounter during a shoot, you got it.

Lotsa problems outside the shoot which related to the story. Freaky huh.. Yeah.. it was. Its so freaky that my older sister refuses to watch it because of the the consequences that could occur due to the law of attraction...

Anyway, yes, law of attraction has indeed invoked some, freaky circumstances on set..
Examples :

1) The character, Suha played by Irma dies.
There was an actual death during
2) The accident.
There was an actual accident during the shoot.
3) The severed finger.
One of team's nephew severed his finger
4) Management disputes.
Lots of this.
5) The prison.
Haha.. if you only knew..

Professionally, it was a huge learning curve. I basically had to slide upwards the learning curve a.s.a.p. Tak sempat pun nak baca the extremely detailed book on directing which my brother sent me. So my directing was based on, my personal observation of other directors at work, commentaries by Nora Ephrons and Nancy Meyers and knowledge from some filmmaking for dummy book i read once upon a time.

Personally, i was slightly robotic on auto cruise mode during the whole shoot. I became rather unfazed with the happenings around me and slightly slow to react to whatever happenings outside the shoot and any unnecessary incidents. I realized that i had to take vitamins because i was consistently sleepy on the set and had volumes of nescafe (courtesy of Mujeed) which altogether, messed up my diet. I downed 8-10 cups per day and whenever, i get the occasional 'Light Coke', i was as giddy as ever. In short, i was caffeine saturated. I don't smoke so that's the furthest i go. Hehe..

I soooooo missed the gym. And I missed my 2 remaining gym sessions.I so missed my cats. My house looks like a furry combat zone with cat hair and Light Coke tins placed merata. I didnt have the energy to take out the 5kg vacuum cleaner out to vacuum up all the cat hair. My plants are sickly looking due to lack of water, my eyebrows have grown berserk, my hair looks skanky and my teeth has a hole in it ( which i fixed today and found out i have another hole). The dentist says i have nice teeth tapi 'sayang'! Because of that statement, tomorrow im going again to scale and polish all my teeth and to fix the other hole. Best of all, i lost my voice. The hailer came sllightly to late.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience.

Most importantly, is regardless of all the complaints above - had i done a good job? I think - so so aje. I could have done better...Due to the timing and all other problems, i had to rush the shoot. I wish i had more time on my hands.


Riz Ainuddin said...

Job well done!


Thanks Riz! Job well done to you too..

Edd Vedder said...

My wife and I enjoyed Lima very much. We were kinda surprised to see your name as a director, because we are familiar with your work as a writer. So there's some high expectation at first.. :)

But I thought you did well so far. I thing you manage to capture the character emotions very, very well. It was helped by the performance of your young casts which are very good.. (and very cute too!)

I'm no expert in film-making (although I write about film regularly on my blog), but I think as your directorial debut, Lima is the perfect vehicle, and you did a wonderful job.


sultanmuzaffar said...

I love it ! Lately saya agak jarang menonton drama-drama yang disiarkan di RIA, tapi LIMA berjaya tarik minat saya untuk menonton bukan sekadar 1st run, tetapi juga ulangan pada waktu lain. Pukul 2 pagi pun sanggup tengok. Bila time sahur pun sempat gak tengok.

Seriously...good job ! Harap-harap ada LIMA Season 2.


Thanks Edd Vedder and Sultan Muzaffar for watching and the's really nervewrecking to know feedback from viewers...And im so so grateful that you guys like it.

Yes.. im surprise you know i write too.. Behind the scenes people are not very noticeable - which is good for me.. dun like the limelight. hehe.. But, yes ..i write more than direct... But since everybody knows me more as a writer, susah nak dapat chance to direct. But, opportunity come knocking and jumped right into it.. Tapi memang low confidence at first then, never looked back...

The young casts are cute kan? And very professional for 7 - 12 year olds... They NEVER complain once about anything .. They are such troopers, i tell you...Adult cast are phenomenal.

Nevertheless, i had a good crew to back me up and that helps A LOT. I will learn the trade to improve what needs to improve..

Anyway, thank you again for watching. Your comments shall spur me to do better..

Okee doke! Selamat berpuasa and hari raya guys.. and to your wife too Mr Edd Vedder..

kyuzo uehara said...

congratulations on this excellent job!

saya tak miss satu pun episode sampai yg finale mengalir2 airmata tgk.. huhu..

best2.. tapi macam tak puas setakat 12 + 1 episodes aje..

p.s: cari2 info on the drama, tjumpa your blog.. teruskan berkarya!