Thursday, September 4, 2008

You just gotta watch Ceraiya..

Anybody who likes Dunia Baru... Tapi adult version. Well, watch Ceraiya! Its a major riot and kelakar. For a person who never laughs at her own products , this actually made me laugh.

If you wanna see Tony Eusoff & Melissa Maureen in a more comedic and mass role - here's the place..Directed by Chunk Azizi Adnan, written by me, edited by Akash Singh and executive produced by Kye aka Syed Khairul Fariz - its a riot.

Basically, i wrote the script and outline of the story but Chunk added more siotness and mengarut element to it, making it just fahnee!

Tengok.. tengok dan tengok.. go to Rugi tak tengok..

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Mya said...

i watched LIMA! best sangat.. sedih... congrates to u n your team!!