Monday, October 27, 2008

If i promise to miss you, will you go away?

That got your attention hah?

That, for your information is, a quote from a book i bought, entitled 'WIT & WISDOM', in BORDERS two days ago at RM5!! 5 rm! 5 ringgit!!

I know! What a bargain, right?! It has all these funny quotes... It's such a cool book cause its got pics of animals ( i love furry animals) and the corresponding quotation for each picture. Its so funny, i keep laughing as i flip through it. Like there's this one quote that says ' I got all the money ill ever need.. unless i buy something!' Hah hah hah..

But it was not easy to find. In fact, i was late for a open house because of this. Hehe...

But there were so many books.. and put WOMAN + BARGAIN together.. that ultimately means .. TIME.. a VERY LONG TIME.. and CREDIT CARD.

But, to get the bestest(warning: there's no such english word) of bargains, you gotta be a patient bargain shopper like me. Heck, deep down inside me is that little fat girl in Cardiff ( who apparently likes to cook lasagna) and most importantly an avid bargain shopper who could find that loads of treasures which includes a 20 pence horoscope book under a pile of stinky clothes and books at a Car Boot sale. The 20 pence horoscope book, which i'd like to remind friends who remember, was a source of my ridicule for quite some time, BUT i was not fooled because, i caught them ...all of them who ridiculed me for that purchase, reading that little horoscope book. You know who you are, people..

Anyway, the reason why im updating my blog right now is for the below reasons:

One .... Mala, a friend of mind, said im such a lazy blogger..
Two .... I'm taking a break from the Indon language. Im helping a friend out reviewing a script in Indon... Its such an inconsistent language where they add 'in' behind every base word..

I shall put forth an example. For this i shall use the malay word KENAL. Kenal, in English is defined as 'to get to know'. Now, in indonesia, they'll say 'Kenalin' .. In Malay, we say 'Kenalkan'! So.. its basically IN vs KAN.

Let's give another amusing sentence. The Indons like to mix and match. Here's one sentence ' Udah deh, jangan bikin gue ilfil.."

Translation :

"Oh stoppppp guys.. dont make me get ill feelings..."

Yup. Ilfil is ILL- FEELING.

Lucky for me i got a business partner yang boleh cakap indon. hehe.. So, sonang idup.. (now that is bahasa negeri sembilan. Lets not go there!)

Three.... I'm bored.

Four .... I'm sick. The real kind.. Im sweating like a pig right now and my head's actually spinning. I hate being sick.

Thats it for today. Blogging is so hard work.

And now, i have to rest because im sick.

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