Monday, October 20, 2008

Slicing Down the Minutes

Today, i will speaketh of editing a film. (my shakespearean language is so off)

For those of you who do not know, i hereby present you the shot definition of editing which is... "The process where the film is assembled by the film editor and made into sense by assembling the pictures as per the screenplay ( visual script)"

Anyway, we were tasked to slice down 55 minutes of Hooperz the movie, a co- production between GBSB, KL Motion Pictures and MHz. 55 minutes may seem peanuts to some, but experiencewise, slicing off 5 minutes is to me, gruelling and a task which most of the time, takes 5 hours.

So, i made calculations in my head. 55mins/5 minutes would equal to 11 sessions of 5 hours edit which equates to 44 to 55 hours which if divided by 5 hours work per day would equate to .. la da dee la dee roughly 11 days of work. Are you following me? Its okay, you need not too cause basically just understand this - we need to do this in 11 days but we need to work double time that and get it done by Friday.

Of course, we had our other work to the clients so, i cant really give 10 hours a day to do that.. I had lotsa of meetings, 5 proposals to review and send, 1 agreement to read, 2 scripts to write, 1 treatment to write, wash my curtains, move the book racks in my new study, and exercise some more! Plus i wont be able to visit my mother this weekend which would also equate to long SMS's in capital letters from my mother ( she has yet to learn how to un-capitalize) telling , or practically shouting, to me that money is evil. evil.. evil... Long Sigh..

However, we decided to masuk malam and work till morning. And from Monday, we manage to finish and slice off the 55 mins yesterday, the 6th day. What a feat!

So, we're pretty happy. The story's way tighter. To do this, we had to work with Akash Singh - a towering man of punjab descent with broad shoulders and lotsa hair on his arms but yet humble and has an eye for detail. And now, i know why Akash won best editor for Cinta in Filem Festival Malaysia in 2006 and also, won best directing for short film in the same festival. Ya, dia menang banyak duit.

Now, its a matter of putting in the songs. Yey..

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