Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it Roslie Dhobie, Rosli Dhoby or Rosly Dhobi?

Honestly, i have no idea.. In some old court transcripts it's Roslie Dhobie...
Some articles spells it minus the 'e' but adds in the 'y' in either the first name or surname. Some articles depict the name having no 'y' nor 'e'... In other words, ikut suka hati aje...

So, because of that, i've decided to 'ikut suka hati' too and 'bantai aje' the name through out the whole script. Besides, the final product is a television drama so, i won't be forcing the fellow actors stressing the 'e' in the name..
I can imagine the scenario if we had...

Beginning of Scenario

Actor : Kamik sik mahu, Rosli! Sik mahu!
Director : Anddd CUT! Boleh tak you stress the 'e' in Roslie.. Cuba sebut sikit?
Actor : Roslii?
Director : Stress a bit more..just a bit more..
Actor : Rosliii?
Director : Better! Okay, lets try again.. Andddddd ACTION!

End Of Scenario.

You see, not much difference kan? Hence, to be loyal to all articles and transcripts and whatever , i have Roslie, Rosly or Rosli is 'berterabur' all over the in perhaps episode 1 - its Rosly.. and in episode 2.. its Rosli..

Anyway, lets go straight to the point. Sebenarnya posts ini ditulis dengan tujuan untuk menerangkan serba serbi mengenai projek terbaru KL Motion Picture Company, bersama-sama dengan Astro, iaitu sebuah projek epik yang berkisarkan seorang pejuang negara bernama .. yes you guessed it.. Rosli Dhoby.

Rosli Dhoby was a sixteen year old young malay-melanau student who with much panache and ado, had thrust a melanau blade into the abdomen of the newly arrived British Governor Sir Duncan Stewart George, in protest of the cession of Sarawak to the British government. Rosli, at 16, was hung to death 4 months after the event. Imagine that...16 years old. What would we know at 16?

Apa-apa pun. Personally, i like the story. It's a story of hope, love, family, passion and spirit. We will be shooting in January and it's a tough project because there are a lot of factors involved which i shall explain in later posts.

At this point of time, our E.P- Kye is growing a lot of white hair as he reads further down the script, which i wrote. Heh heh..
The director (who is also the scriptwriter) is also growing a lot of white hair as she realizes what she has to translate from script to screen...
But both hopes that the white hair is worth the effort.



BILIK NO. 13 said...

I am very interested in your Rosli Dhoby project. Has it been shot and screened on Astro? Any idea where I can get a copy or see a copy of this drama?

Anwardi Jamil Sulong

Aimi Mukhlis said...

I just watched the drama "warkah Terakhir" today. Maybe its a little bit late but I really love the story. Its really touched me and I really want to watch the next chapter. Can't wait for it.

By the way, I would like to ask, from where did you get the facts behind the screen other than Aini Dobhy? And I really congratulate you because I believe that you're telling the true story, not the hanky-panky story right? Congratulations again to you! :)