Thursday, February 21, 2008

South Park Lyrics - Mr Hankey and Taco Flavoured Kisses


We've all heard of Rudolph and his shiny nose, and we all know Frosty whose made out of snow. But all of these stories seem, 'coz we all know who brightens up our holiday.....

Mr. hankey the christmas poo, small and brown, he comes from you. Sit on the toilet here he comes! Squeeze and twean your festive bums. A present from down below, spreading joy with a Howdy Ho! He's seen the love inside of you, 'coz he's a peice of poo! Sometimes he's nutty, sometimes he's corny, he can be brown or greenish-brown (Mmm Mmm!) But if you eat fibre on christmas eve, he might come to your town.

Mr. Hankey the christmas poo, he loves me, I love you. Therefore vicariously he loves you (I can make a Mr. Hankey too! phrrrft)

Cartman: Well kyle, were is he?
Kyle: Ugggghhh. He's comin'
Stan: Come on dude push!!!
Kyle: Uggggghhh. I'm trying!!
[Mr. Hankey lyrics on]

Stan: Wait wait wait!! I can see his head!!
Kyle: Ugggghhh!!!! Here he comes!!!! (phhhft)
Mr. Hankey: Howdy ho! I'm Mr. Hankey the christmas poo! Seasons greetings to all of you, let's sing songs and dance and play! Now before I melt away! Here's a game I like to play. Stick me in your mouth and try to say: Howdy Ho Ho, yum yum yum, christmas time has come!!!

Sometimes he's runny, sometimes he's burnt, sometimes he's practicly water!! Sometimes he hangs of the end of your ass and won't fall in the toilet 'coz he's just clinging to your sphincter and he won't drop off so you shake your ass around, try to get him to drop in the toilet and finally it doooooeeees!!!!! (cough)

Mr. Hankey the christmas poo. Christmas leaves, he must leave too. Flush him down but he's never goooooooone!!!! His smell and his spirit lingers oooooooooonnnnnn!!!!

Howdy Ho!!!!


Music industry man: What kind of song do you want?
Jennifer Lopez: Something hot and spicy!
[melody comes on]
Jennifer Lopez: Spicier.
[melody changes]
Jennifer Lopez: Spicier!
[spicy melody comes on]

[Jennifer Lopez (aka Eric Cartman's left hand)]
Burrito. Taco taco. Burrito. Taco. Taco taco.
Don't think just because I got a lot of money,
I'll give you taco-flavored kisses, honey.
Fulfill all your wishes
with my taco-flavored kisses.

Taco taco. Burrito burrito. Taco taco.
Fulfill all your wishes
with my taco-flavored kisses! Taco taco.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dunia Baru Screenplay Book

I'm crying blood just editing this, Jo (No3)??


Where the *&^%% is it, Jo(no2)?!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of today, Im calling you, Frank. Confuse. Banyak sangat Jo.


Gastronomically cool!

Oh My Goat

A dry subject matter can be made into a cool subject matter...

You rock,Jo( No 1)!!


Picking up.

You guys want conflict? I'll giv ya frikin' conflic...

Aint no happiness and sunshine in this story now..


This is already cool.

Kick ass story..


This is getting cooler and cooler.

Janin - Offline


Mammoth Cup of Nescafe

This is nescafe in gelas air yang biasa digunakan untuk air buah on my messy desk. Asked Azni (she's a dear) my assistant to order Nescafe from downstair.

Then the mamak came up and brought me this. Huge mammouth besar gedabak glass of nescafe which cost Rm2.90.

Question : Now why would somebody give me a mammouth glass of nescafe when i asked for the normal one?

a) Forward thinking Assistant anticipated that i would be thirsty;
b) Forward thinking Assistant just wanted to trick me and lock me up in my room with my mammouth nesacafe and never bother the other staff until office hours dah habis;
c) Mamak understands customer needs;
d) Mamak trying to charge extra.

I dun wanna know. Really.

Anyway, listening to Gita Gutawa's Sempurna. Sweet song. Makes me wanna hubba-hubba.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

South Park is damn fah-neeeee..

South Park is so hilariously funny but i dont recommend for the faint hearted to watch it. Watched 1 or 2 eps dulu tapi tak pernah sampai habis and never gained by interest. Reintroduced to it last year tapi tak sempat nak tengok jugak pasal sibuk. And if anybody knows me, i memang susah nak ketawa. I watched Borat without even laughing. Not even a peep. The guys say its because im a girl. Girls dont laugh at guys jokes.

But South Park is a guy thing. So why am i lauhing. So explain that.. haha

Im watching South Park as a commercial break for my writing. The subject matter for Bella and Janin Novel is so evil, aku asyik pening aje. I have to be in the evil mood when im writing and that's so tiring cause im deep down very nice ( ye ker?) Bila dah pening menulis, i hafta pasang South Park.

Don't watch South Park if you're righteous pasal banyak sangat benda outrageous as well as profanities, featured every 2 minits. Have to watch it with open mind. I like it because banyak element mengejut. Its really funny cause its unexpected. The jokes are original and mindblowing. The creators are brilliant.
Eric Cartman - damn your so evil!

Today, as i was watching an episode of South Park, i fell off my chair just laughing at one of the episodes. More like ketawa 'hahaha', tepuk-tepuk peha, then slide (my office chair at home), crash, boom, bang. Sakit siol. Nasib baik its not in public.

The second last time i fell in public was at this airport with 'ManwithnotevenCMS' (whom i have forgiven. Forgiveness is a sign of maturity, not stupidity. Dengar tu, Rogue!) But he just walked on. Barua tol. I was so upset with myself because i was 33at that time, and i was still tripping over things, falling here and there everywhere. And i fall a lot! Kalau 24 cute lah, tapi kalau dah 33 - ya Allah. I felt slightly depressed at that incident. I remembered, i was moaning the whole week after the incident, "what's wrong with me?" Worst, the week after i fell at the airport, i was waking in Mines and i took a wrong step and just tumbled down the stairs kat tengah the mines. Bahaya betul tangga tu. The steps were tiny and steep. That fall memang sakit gila...

I always divert from main point.

My point here is South Park - damn funny.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Project 'Sayap'

I and my business partner, Rogue, in Tanah Karya Sdn Bhd, have officially embarked on a project called 'Sayap'. That's the working title for the time being.
The story's more important at this point of time so, nantilah we'll come out with a better title later.

I'm so excited about the story. Its a graphic novel and it will be visually beautiful.

Me and Rogue just had a business meeting about the storyline during a 3 hour breakfast and i have a really good feeling about the story. Its got everything in it.

Once i finish Bella and Hooperz, ill start working on this.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dunia Baru Season 4 or will it be Dunia K...? Hehehehe

On DB3:-

Its ended. Feroz did a good job,kan? Cuma cameraworks tu buat kepala i pening sikit..

The kids were fantastic. Almy's improved from before but i wish Almy downplayed her acting a bit.

But, all in all, i think it did well. FEroz was spot on with the ending. Elyana was superb as always. She's just matured as an actor. I love the fact that she is able to convey expression with just a slight twitch of her mouth, eyes. She's very good.
And i like how Fiqrie portrayed Rio. He's quite 'spot on' with the acting. I wish he didnt dye his hair. When a guy dyes his hair, i always get a graphic portrayal of them sitting in a hair saloon for 4 hours. That's metrosexual.

I think some people we're unhappy with the ending. Like my friend YM me and said 'Why didnt you end it like properly? End Rio and Opie together!'

There are reasons for that.

Now, since i like Rio so much, im seriously considering for Rio to... la la la la la..

ON DB4...

It still in talks. Im still developing storyline. No kata putus yet from stations nor GB...

Outline of the story is already in my head and on paper already.

Its going to be damn hilarious if i can pull this one of like 1,2,3.

Somebody just called me and asked me, if Opie was going to be seduced by some junior who will be played by Anding. Huh???

I was like 'what? sapa cakap tu?'
'Orang baca kat internet.'
'Oh ye ke? no lah...'

I tak berapa encourage kalau orang laki muda go for older woman. I believe its best that the men are older than the woman. Baru perempuan senang nak hormat sikit.
REspect goes a long way in marriage/relationships. I myself went out with younger guys TWICE (during my courting days) and i felt SO freaking awkward.

Hmmm...Then again....that is an interesting idea... Maybe, we can try that! But not with OPie lah kot. Maybe with Suzanna?

Anyway, my plans for DB4, there will be more new characters, that's for sure. And it'll be, insyaAllah, cool!

One viewer would like Anizah to end up in Tajol. I like that but not yet. Not yet.
Anizah and especially Tajol, have a long life up ahead.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Dunia Baru The Movie di Pawagam.

The movie's out.Reviews are mixed! Some people hate it, some people dont. Some people like it, some peole love it.

The hazards of being a scriptwriter is you subject yourself to the publics comments easily. So, to be a scriptwriter, youve got to take everything with a pinch of salt. Bukan garam halus tau, tapi garam kasar !!

Comments can be really harsh. I just don't appreciate the ones with profanities. Tolong lah. Have a bit of class lah. Aiyo. I think people who use profanities have negative lives. So, i dont lose a bit. I really hope they realize how bad it is for them. The more they use it, the more they spiral down

Regardless, DB and DBTM was a strategic experiment for KL Motion myself. The resuls of the movie shall basically give us understanding of the ever so volatile market.

And i still got a lot to learn. I wish i could work with my favourite, favourite directors Ridley Scott, Rob Reiner, Nancy Myers and writers Nora Ephron and now ( Mr Matthew Vaughn). Bila lah tu??

Anyway, yesterday my emotions were highly depended on viewers comments on DBTM.

9:06am - Positive comments. Yey!!
3:27pm - Kye calls and says OU is sold out.Yey!
4:05pm - Negative comments. "ohh like that ahhh..Arghhhh.. "
4:28pm - Woohooo!
4:59pm - Really?? It cant be that bad.
5:05pm - Arghhhhhhhh
6:09pm - Yeyyyyy!!
6:10pm - Puke.. Puke.. Puke..muntah wekwek ( I was sick yesterday)
8:00pm - Yeyyyyy!
9:00pm - Yeyyyyyy!
10:00pm - Ouch!! Mot attacked my foot..

I've got my own views about the movie. Of course, i didnt get everything i wanted as per the script but i cant do much about it. I wasnt the director. But the script book's coming out so, i hope that would make me deliriously happy.