Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hooperz is at its 4th draft, finally.

Hooperz is made from :-

satu, Netball So-so Experiences in Carigali. It wasnt so bad. We won actually but man, it was so political... I like volley better.

dua, Green Tea Latte (testing hari tu and then because the starbuck people accidentally cleared my mug before i habis minum, they gave me a new one.)

tiga, Nescafe Kosong in Mammouth Glasses ( letak Equal to reduce sugar intake)

empat, Caramel Machiatto

lima, Starbucks Black Coffee yang sungguh tak best ( lupa bawak duit hari tu)

enam, lotsa tuna in a can (malas nak keluar makan. Yeah i keep cans in my house. Too lazy too cook. That's all i buy nowadays plus Fruit and Fibre cereal. At least i have food in the house)

tujuh, lotsa mcdonalds (malas nak keluar makan lagi)

lapan, kamikaze girls

sembilan, Juno (its not a movie i would watch over and over again tapi i thought it was interesting)

sa-puloh, lots of lying still and staring at the ceiling ( i do this a lot)

sebelas, 10 year old reader's digest. ( i have a bunch. I read 'Laughter, the best medicine' almost every day before i sleep.)

dua belas, lotsa Bickering with Dhojee (peace bro! i know you sometimes wanna clobber my head.. ditto. nasib baik i pompuan.. hehehe.. This should be number 2 actually)

tiga belas,Slight reconciliable differences with Iqbal( peace bro!)

empat belas, Lotsa Imogen Heap ( in particular Goodnight and Go, Cant Take it In, Hide and Seek. I played only these songs while writing the movie.Lupa. plus Dewa Dewi by Ahmad Dhani)

Lima belas, Outing with nieces and nephews ( Love that new song. What was it? Watermelon.. watermelon..papaya papaya ...( to the beat of 'are you sleeping bro john))

enambelas, Rug from ikea which now decorates my loving room. I contribute this purchase to Dhojee's overwhelming input on Hooperz which consequently made me lie a lot on the floor which consequently made me suffer these headaches which consequently made me hop to ikea and consequently made me purchase a rug.

Tujuh belas, Ugly Betty 3rd Season ( the writers in Hollywood apparently had a strike which halted the production of Ugly Betty halfway)

Lapan belas, Fight with family pasal tak balik raya cina.. hehe..

Sembilan belas, Mot, of course. His prancing around gives me inspiration.

Dua puluh, my late dad's favourite phrase.. kata-kata itu doa..

Apa-apa pun, i am very happy its done.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Not One Less - Zhang Yimou

I really liked this movie. It was very honest. Gritty.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Magical Country and Arthur

Firstly, i need a new mouse.

On to the blog...

My nieces Elisa, 9 years old and Sofea, 12 years old, have recently been bitten by the writing bug.

They too want to be writers. Cute huh?

Anyway, they wrote a story each

Elisa's story is titled 'The Magical Country'. And although Elisa's language was tunggang terbalik and the story was 1 and half pages long, the effort was cute. Basically its about a boy named Verus who found a weird thing ( dun ask me what. She didnt describe it) and opened the door of the weird thing and went into a totally different world. There was some fighting action and the baddies had green blood.

Sofea's untitled story was about Arthur who fell into hole and met a warlock who had a cat ( i hope she wasnt insinuating me) and went from one adventure to another and finally wins the princess. I asked her to change the name Arthur to something malay.
She also had great ideas for the stories.

My nieces are largely incluence by Roald Dahl and Cerita Rakyat ( our books when we were young.

Im proud of them. Imagination is an Adventure of the Mind"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tough Script So Far

Currently writing/rewriting a movie. It's the toughest story so far ive ever written.

Got a freaking back ache and the pizza's freaking late and i freaking got sore fingers, a norm for writers. I wish i could think the freaking words on the freaking screen. (as you can see, im trying to reduce saying 'f**k' a lot ever since my recent adoration (is there such a word) of Southpark. Im freaking tainted after ive watched Southpark.

Listening to Imogen Heap's 'Cant Take It In' as my theme for the movie

Great dreamy song with lyrics.. like = laaa...laaa lalalala laaa laaa' and etau..etau..etau ( dont ask. Dunno know what that freaking means)

Read Stardust

I read stardust.. But never really completed the book. I was like scanning and scanning.

10 pages a day since last week to get further details on the movie.

I like the movie better but i still love the idea of the story.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bella Spoiler

Yes.. i purposely made her a little gullible.

Even the most intelligent woman, when they're into somebody, they can do pretty stupid things.

Example : me. Well, not anymore.

Anyway, i liked writing the last scene when Bella got killed by Zahar. Farahiya tulis first bit and then i adjust a bit. Of course, i was never murdered by my ex. But i can imagine me being killed by my ex. hehe.
The feeling sama aje lah kot. Merayu-rayu lepas tu, and despite the dramatic pleadings, your hopes of family and love and bla bla bla bla gets YANKED away just like that. Kapow! ( or Ka-pooooo-wee! pun also can)

Hihihi... See, im a scriptwriter so i have to be very dramatic. You should see me scolding staff. Very drama queen like. hehehe.. and it aint not act.

Only i wish i was the vengeful type. Turn me into a goddess and seduce everybody away...


Wish Lish to BN and BA

Dear All New and Old Administrators of the Government of Malaysia.

To BN -
1) Start working. Please treat us nicer. Don't turn us away when we ask for help.
2) Be fair.

To BA -
1) Start working.
2) Be fair.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ad Lib Nightmare

"Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" coos Zahar to Bella.

"Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" coos Zahar to Bella again.

Myself and my writer, Farahiya, wrote this drama called Bella. I mentioned it in an earlier blog. Ive checked everything she writes and "Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" was one of those things that did not pass the inspection of Wan Hasliza.

I didnt write it and she didnt write it. So who the hell wrote it?

Yes. It was an adlib thingy.

I understand that when people are in love, it necessitates them to call each other something endearing. But "Cinderelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"??!!


I'm so freaking humiliated. I would never write a dialogue like that.

Oh God!

In fact, that doesnt happen in reality. Unless my feet was a size 2 lah, then befits the name Cinderella.

I mean, heck. If my love interest called me cinderella, i divorce him that instant.
No lah.. Maybe set him aside and say, ' You smoking pot?'

=Burn baby burn baby burn baby burn.
And no, dato ismail is not alive.