Friday, May 16, 2008

Bella TV3 - The End

I surely hope that i made the Bella viewers cry buckets of water watching the ending of Bellla. I know, a lot of people weren't in agreement with my sad sad ending but, i thought it was the most logical ending.

The most important thing was to touch audiences emotions. And to do so, i had to play on 'regret'.

It was not easy writing the ending because i was in the happy, teenage Hooperz boppy Mood so, to revert back and be depressed, victimized and vindictive was really tough. But i did it and left it up to the e.p, director and casts to execute it..

Anyway, on the production, there were hiccups here and i hoped that it was done not so in a rush as it could have been better but, overall, it was okay.
And the cast all did a great job.