Monday, April 6, 2009

Warkah Terakhir - Rosli Dhoby

'Warkah Terakhir' is an eight episode epic television serial drama adaptation on the life of Rosli Dhoby. It shall appear in June on one of the Astro channels to be told later.

Set in the 1940s and early 1950s, 'Warkah Terakhir' stars a host of talented and dedicated new and veteran actors/tresses. The 28 year old Beto Kushairy was tasked to star as the 15-17 year old Rosli Dhoby and he is supported by Nam Ron, Melissa Maureen, Anita Baharom, Ramli Hassan, Sherry Merlis, Sazzy Falak, Shahrolnizam, Wan Azly, Riz Ainuddin, Fikri Bakar, Azhan Rani, Ameerul, Sani Sudin, Rosli Sako, Azlan Komeng, Juliana Evans, Kismah Johar dan many many more (my apologies for not posting all your names but there are too many).

The drama is 80% in the Sarawak dialect. Hence all actors and actresses have trained for a full 2 months to obtain the lingo. However, its easily understandable since the roots of the language is Malay. But if you still dont understand, we have subtitles both in Malay and English.

Shot almost entirely in Perak with the exception of two locations ie Pudu Jail and Seremban Old Library, Warkah Terakhir is produced by KL Motion for NSK and Astro Entertainment. Production design is headed by Black and cinematography by Pali.

Some facts of the story had to be exagerated a bit for entertainment purposes, of course done with the approval of Encik Bolhassan Bin Ainy, the son of Ainy Dhoby the brother of Rosli Dhoby. Some of the exaggerated bits included the age of Ainy Dhoby and some other elements.

KL Motion Picture Company shall upload the new trailer on their facebook by next week.