Friday, August 7, 2009

Do you like babies?

I like babies. Especially newborns. They're small, cute and mesmerizing. I can spend hours just looking at them in fascination and saying 'awwwwwwwwww'. Procreation is a damn wonder.

Normally, I prefer not to make commentaries on social issues. This time, i have to make an exception because it's happening almost every other day.

Yes.. Kebelakangan ini, terlalu banyak kisah 'buang anak' yang dipaparkan di akhbar-akhbar tempatan. Mainly about knocked up mothers (mostly teens up to pre-adult) yang diam-diam telah mengandung, beranak dan setelah melahirkan anak, membunuh anak tersebut demi menutup malu daripada ibubapa/sedaramara/kawan-kawan dll.

There's something really disturbing about that....

One girl flushed her child down the toilet, one drowned the child in a pail, one girl stuffed her baby in her bag till it suffocated to death and the latest the a baby eaten by a komodo lizard ( not exactly on my list of top10 animals).

I have my two cents  opinions on this subject matter but i shall not divulge them. Mainly because im not a mother yet and have no authority on this as it involves parenting and i dare not comment on something i have no first hand experience on. 

Whatever it is, there is always somebody to blame for any heinous acts. Always. Samada secara langsung atau tidak, semua orang yang berkaitan bertanggungjawab. Not just the mother.

Saya mengagak gadis-gadis muda yang termengandung ini membunuh anak yang dilahirkan mereka atas dasar takut. My sister, a mother of six, says that the fear basically renders these girls ability to differentiate what is wrong and what is right (Furqan). What is right is to not disappoint their parents and people around them and what is right is to cover their tracks by murder. 

Jadi sekiranya ada diantara pembaca blog ini ter-mengandung dan tak tahu siapa nak minta tolong - well, you can contact me. Its a scary world out there. If you really need the help, i know you'll find the way to contact me. Kami akan cuba membantu dalam apa cara yang termampu kalau tiada aral yang melintang. 

Just promise me, don't take the life of your child. There are a lot of childless couples in Malaysia. Perhaps we can give them that chance to be a  parent. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our very own Rambos - the Senoi Praaqs

Before i start this post, my deepest condolences go out to to family of Yasmin Ahmad and Michael Jackson. Thanks for making the industry more colorful and vibrant and your touch shall be missed. Al-fatihah.

For my THIRD post of 2009, I shall write about what i'm currently writing which is another epic drama for Astro and KL Motion Picture, which is a story based on the Senoi Praaq aka the orang asli elite commando troops and the title of this drama is Layang & Lembing. 

Senoi in Semai language means Orang.. and Praaq means Perang. Pretty cool huh.

Again, we're really lucky to get this story because i think, on the basic level without any of my tampering and entertainment injection from me, it is already a beautiful story!  It's challenging in terms of story, visuals as well as, emotionally... Well, that's what i think lah... 

Nevertheless, although its mainly about the Senoi Praaq, the story is set in the mid 1940s to the mid 1960s and in writing the story, we can't run away from the communist insurgency and emergency years aka darurat..

Now here's the problem. 

The communist insurgency and emergency years aka darurat or what i normally refer to as 'Merdeka-Darurat-Komunis-Bla-bla-bla' times was my LEAST favourite subject in the world.

Hated it.

Really hated it.

A lot.

Well .. lemme rephrase..i USE to hate it.

You see, although history was my favourite subject in school, i basically hated that part of history. I didnt find the japanese occupation interesting, i didnt find the communist insurgency interesting, i didnt find the whole independence process stimulating.

But I did and still love the 15th century Malacca's Sultanate Era, and heck i don't mind the Mat Kilau stuff, sejarah nusantara..yada yada yada..

But when it came to 'Merdeka-Darurat-Komunis-Bla-bla-bla', i immediately shut out. I did not care for that era.

In fact, fyi, i had to memorize basically anything that had to do with the 1940-1960's era and kemerdekaan because that period made me .. .yawn... sleep in class because.. it was damn uninteresting... bleargh! 

But rule of thumb in my life at that time, if i dont understand it, just frigging memorize it because i had one aim. And the aim was to get an A1 for history. So i memorized! I memorized so hard without understanding anything, that after SPM i totally forgot about history. Hehe..

Note to Cikgu Noraini Panot, my history teacher, if your reading this from beyond Melaka -Muar boundary : Its not you! Its the subject matter..

In fact my un-fascination with the Merdeka-Darurat-Komunis-Bla-bla-bla, continued after SPM, right thru my studies in the UK, the work years, the crazy wtf years and up to now..  

Im embarrased to admit but i know a bit more about Indonesia and American history in that 1940-60s era rather than Malaysian history. Shame on me!! Shame!
In fact, had anybody ask me before this project, about the Merdeka-Darurat-Komunis-Bla-bla-bla, i'd probably nod along, furrowing my eyebrows so i  look a bit intelligent and interested.

But, thankfully, alhamdullillah for our last epic project aka Warkah Terakhir - my interest began to peak...It was not such a bad era after all. 

And now that we're doing this Senoi Praaq aka Lembing dan Layang project  and after doing my own research, i realize... heck, Merdeka-Darurat-Komunis-Bla-bla-bla,is really interesting stuff. Not bad man.. not bad..

Maybe i should have given in a chance in history class and paid more attention rather than sleep my way through form 4 and 5 ( i had a serious sleeping problem. I will talk about that 1 day)

Anyway, i'm in the midst of writing. As i said its a tough story and we want to make sure its portrayed in the most honourable way possible and that to make the viewers, who were like me,  understand more about the Merdeka-Darurat-Komunis years. 

Anyway again, We met the head of the Senoi Praaq squadron which was Bah Ayob @Md Nor at Pengkalan Hulu in Perak and the stories he told us was really really wow. It was so wow, my mouth was gaping in amazement as i was hearing him tell his heroic tales and i'm pretty a fly flew into my mouth without me realizing it. Yum.

We also met his son, Inspector Ramli, a well spoken man and incredibly knowledgeable. And he lent us this book about the Senoi Praaqs that i was trying to get from Amazon and all the book dealers in the world tapi apparently nobody delivers to Malaysia.. 

Anyway, the point is, I'm amaze. Im amaze that we have heroes like them on our soil and ...

..tu aje lah...

ohh.. and the fact, that i no longer hate the Merdeka-Darurat-Komunis years....Ill make you proud Cikgu Noraini!