Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Query - Seriously, pernahkah anda menggunakan perkataan 'Cinta'?

Note : 

1)  This note might be frowned upon because it is in both BM and BI.

2)  This note maybe frowned upon those people who can use the word cinta.

It's Valentine's again. Since i feel like updating this blog on a night which coincides with the eve of Valentine's Day ( which i've never really celebrated..haha), perhaps i should be writing about love hubba hubba hubba..

No worries. I won't explore the history of Valentines or the religious and political aspects of Valentines and all things serious. We have the intellectual bloggers and writers from Malaysian Insider/Malaysiakini or other serious blogs out there to do that. Instead, memandangkan i'm a scriptwriter/director, what i shall write about adalah penggunaan perkataan 'Cinta' dalam dialogue sehari-harian dan skrip untuk filem/drama. 

But first, sebelum saya akan bersusah payah menerangkan perihal penggunaaan perkataan cinta ni, kita perlu memahami serba sedikit tentang love in the Malay context. Lucky for me, my friend Nadge, just tweeted something about it. So i dont have to bersusah payah explaining in detail, the breakdown of it. Yey.

Anyway, Nadge tweeted, ' Malay civilisation had correctly identified 3 kinds of human love. Reflected in #sayang general, #kasih family, #cinta spousal-sexual'.

I think that was brilliant. To categorize what is basically 'love' into the different type of categories and tagging a name to it? Wow! 

I can imagine young malay poets or pelingpularas once upon a romantic time ago, as they watch their cocks (as in chicken okay) fight and bleed in the arena, whilst they discuss about the types of love, catalogueing them into kasih-cinta-sayang, adding these words into the Malay vocabulary. 

However, whilst i totally think cataloguing of love is brilliant, i have a slight problem with the usage of the word cinta. Walaupun Cinta is the malay word for ‘being IN love’ aka spousal-sexual love, I can’t seem to make the word ‘cinta’ work in any love professing dialogue. Yup, I can’t seem to make ‘Cinta’ a verb. To me, it shall always be a noun. Hence, why, I prefer to use the word ‘sayang’ which is both noun and verb.

I have tried to use this celebrated word in some of my love professing scenes and dialogues but comes off corny and ends up deleted.

And everytime, and i mean everytime, i watch a Malay drama on tv and hear an actor use the word 'cinta' in a dialogue, with the intent of expressing their innermost desires of wanting and having and loving and receiving to another actor, it makes me cringe to the point of permanent facial distortion as well as.. excuse my French.. PUKE!


Ill give you an example. This is a malay drama I watched on TV ( character’s names are changed)…The scene is Bunny is professing his love to Hunny.


Bunny dan Hunny berada dalam kereta.

Bunny yang sedang memandu kereta, tiba-tiba menghentikan kereta dan mengeluh.Bunny tiba-tiba mengalihkan pandangannya ke Hunny yang duduk dikerusi co-driver. Bunny dengan romantisnya, mengambil tangan Hunny.



Hunny, aku dah jatuh cinta dengan engkau.


Hunny ukirkan senyuman dan mengerut-ngerutkan dahi, mata dan segala urat facial yang supposedly mengekspresskan happynya..



Bunny…. aku pun cinta pada mu..




I don’t know about you lah but the presence of the word ‘Cinta’ doesn’t seem to work for me because it makes the sentence, simply sounds strangely corny…

However, replace ‘cinta’ with sayang - that works!

Or, make them say it in indonesian slang… That also work!

I do think, other than me, there are other forces out there who are trying to un-corny-fy the word 'Cinta' but - i'd like to memberi sepatah kata nasihat to those who do .. Urbanizing it will not work! Putting 'i' and 'you's does not make it less corny.. !!!

Example : 


Hunny, i dah jatuh cinta dengan you!



Bunny, i pun cinta pada you.


Ya Allahhh….

Why? Why??? Whyyyy??!!!



Why the word 'cinta' doesn’t seem to work for me because as a scriptwriter, when we write dialogues, the dialogue written must be as close to reality as possible. 

And the thing is, does anybody out there really use the word cinta? Really??

If anybody does, please tell me how it’s done. I sincerely and honestly am curious to know cara bagaimana untuk mengaplikasi perkataan cinta sebaik mungkin dalam dialog because in all honesty, I have never used it in real life.I have had a string of relationships (hihi) and one very serious one but I have never professed my using the ‘C’ word.

Sayang – yes, Love – yes.. but Cinta? Nope…  but I do use it as a bahan ketawa..hehe..

And it’s not just me. I have asked around. I asked my friend..  

Aku     : Z, kau pernah tak beritahu laki kau yang kau cintakan dia?

Z       : Apa jadahnya? Ewww.. Kampung lah kau ni!

From my friend's response and some other responses, in general I find that my circle of friends and the people surrounding me, do not really use the word ‘cinta’ to profess their love.

Itu lah sebabnya, if any of you have seen my previous work, anda akan perasan yang bila part-part menulis dialog cinta, saya tidak akan sekali-sekala menggunakan perkataan cinta unless kalau saya berniat untuk membuat scene tersebut kelakar.




Auw.. Auw..Hunny, tolong .. tolong aku.. Aku sakit..



Kau okay ke?! Kau sakit?



Aku jatuh..



Ya allah..kau jatuh kat mana? Bila?



Aku jatuh cinta..



Blah lah wei!


Eventhough you won’t be hearing ‘cinta’ in any love-professing dialogues in any of my projects, it doesn’t mean you won't be hearing the word at all.

Tell me how it is used and ill try to use it

But in the meantime, ill use it as a noun.. a theory .. a concept. I’ll use it to further to further differentiate and describe the levels of love. Perhaps in something like the below dialogue..



Aku rasa aku sayang kat Bunny..



Kau cinta ke sayang kat Bunny?



Cinta kot..



Aku pun..





I’ll be directing my first feature, finally! And guess what it’ll be about? J