Friday, April 23, 2010

Hooperz - Two years later

Hooperz is finally out. Along side big mammouth features such as Clash Of the Titans, Iron Man and Kick Ass.. 

Takutnyaa.. Nibble kuku jari..ggegege.. 

We've been waiting for Hooperz to go out dan walaupun it went out together2 dengan Kick Ass( feature by Matthew Vaughn who is my fav director ever since Stardust & Layer Cake. He produced Guy Ritchie's earlier movies as well and married to Claudia Schiffer), we're grateful. 

We're grateful its out, we're also grateful we were given the opportunity to understand movie making more and we're grateful as well as obliged,that Primeworks has been kind enough to give us much limelight (undeservingly we feel, since we did alahai so little..).

Hooperz was a project that was shot in June 2008. 

It was conceptualize at an R&R on the KL-Seremban highway in 2007. Initially, i just shared an idea of how netball was such a makcik, political, dramatic, hormone infested game which made me once swore of the game for life.. *&&^%#..  Just thinking about it pun gets my heart pumping ..hehe :p

But the producers liked it. So, they told me.. Develop it lah. The idea further developed, funnily enough by 'men' at Kedai Mamak Madinah. 

Kye came out with the title, Iqbal Putra came out with the initial story concept  - hence the name Iqbal and daughter Atylia. Originally Iqbal was suppose to be a football coach, but after much ado, we thought of being a lil crazy and make him a failed astronaut instead memandangkan planet itu bulat seperti netball.

Iqbal came with me for the pitching session at Primeworks and pitched it, yes - to a panel of LELAKI and voila it was accepted. 

Im sure you can spot the irony - girls story yet male involvement..

Of course, the initial idea was for us to produce the movie. However, KL Motion Picture was only 2 years old at the time and never ever produced a movie. So the old and wiser Primeworks Studio said no to us producing it ourselves. I myself never directed and was only a writer (my first directing stint was 2 months later). 

Hence, we were told by Primeworks to get a partner to produce the movie. We were happy enough to do so, because, honestly, we just wanted to learn and i think the best way to do that is to do so with an experienced partner..

So, we went to renowned MhZ Pictures. MhZ pictures led at that time by Rosnah Kassim, Odeng and Ujang - had a strong art department and did a lot of Yasmin Ahmad Movies.  After talking to them, they agreed.

After much deliberation and after seeing Sheikh Munasar's show reel, which looked impressive, Rosihan Zain@Dhojee the E.P, who had always liked trying new directors ( he was the guy who was responsible in identifying and recommending Kabir Bhatia for Cinta, Wan Azly for Budak Kelantan,  Naeim Ghalili for Susuk), decided to take him on. We gave Sheikh Munasar a reference which was Kamikaze Girls. He then gave us a further reference which was a Thai movie 'Citizen Dog'. However, due to some reasons, none of that transpired but that's okay. 

Anyway, after MHz took the reins, we pretty much let go. I wrote and amended the script. We wanted a story that people outside Malaysia would identify as a Malaysian movie. I was influenced a lot by Juno and Stardust at that time. I like the twist in the story in Juno - you think Jason Bateman was the nice guy but he's not - so itulah kenapa adanya karektor Nik..

After the script was done, we basically let MhZ steer the boat during most of the pre-production and production. You cant have too many kepala. Karam kapal...  

We couldn't do much pun because we were also prepping for another project at that time which was a serial drama for Astro called LIMA and a serial comedy called Ceraiya for Gua. I was writing Lima ( which was my first ever ever directing stint in August 2008) and also writing and producing Ceraiya at the same time then. 

Besides, MhZ had basically had all their grounds covered.

I basically observed the script-reading 4-5 times, went to see the shooting 2-3 times. 

After the shoot was over, we were called back in by Primeworks to help do the website and help slice off more minutes from the first draft offline edit.

For any movie, the magic is mostly done in post ( i quote J.Lo okay). So, Dhojee worked his magic. Any pembetulan, enhancement, CGI semuanya berlaku in the post. Award winning Akash Singh was the editor for Hooperz. I could see it wasn't easy. Dhojee then reeled in Black from Imagebox for the CGI. He got Pacai to come in to do the music score. Dhojee and his team, reeled in local talents to provide songs for the film including A.P.I, Luscious,our star Intan Nor Saina and newbie Kayant dan bermacam-macam lagi talent (beli lah soundtrack)

And what you see on screen is a result of that effort.

My harshest critics are  my sisters. They provide me what we would call, brutal, 'sock you in the stomach', 'tak bagi chan' kind of honesty. You know, the kind of honesty where you feel like disowning them.. hehe..

But surprisingly enough, as we walked out of the theatre, both my sisters and nieces said they loved it. Im shocked.

I know not everybody will love it. But do go watch Hooperz for the experience. Sometimes it good to try something new.

Anyway, again MhZ and Primeworks - much thanks. We have learn much from all of you. It was indeed kind of you. 

Nota terakhir : GO WATCH THE MOVIE.


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