Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cipta! for Astro TVIQ - Its so cute!

We at KL Motion & TanahKarya love children (let me qualify - er... well behaved ones.. haha...) . That's why we can't resist putting children in our programmes. And we love creativity and crafts and inventions....And that's why we proposed Cipta!. So, when TViQ approved Cipta!, we were incredibly happy to get to work.

Cipta! is 10 mins programme/filler that we produced for Astro TViQ. Cipta! is an art show and its about creating arts and crafts and inventions with stuff laying around the house.

Cipta! is hosted by the deliriously animated KN and supported by the two darlings - Aqeen and Amirul Daniel.

And its in MALAY. Yeyyyyy!

Original idea by Rogue and meself, concept/scripting by Hazo, directed by Amirul Fadhli, art direction by Nydal, camera works by Pali Yasir, SFX by Rogue and executive produced by Sharifah Noraidah/Jihan Abdul Razak and me-self.

Premiere date for Cipta! is 28 Sept 2010, 11am at Astro TViQ.

Jadi anak-anak, sediakan kertas dan gunting dan gam dan segala macam .. dan mula men'Cipta!'