Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Its not Dunia Surau or Surau Baru, its Geng Surau!

A recent chat with somebody :

SOMEBODY : Geng Surau ni amende?! Kau buat Dunia Surau ke apa? Kah kah kah..
ME       : Ala-ala lah.. tapi aku fokus pada org at surau lah..
SOMEBODY : Sama tak dengan Dunia Baru?
ME       : Adalah sikit..
SOMEBODY : So, kelakar lah?
ME       : Suppose to be komedi lah tapi kau tengok lah! Kau komenlah klakar dia jadi ke tak. Aku mana boleh komen produk sendiri.. 
SOMEBODY : Apasal kau tak letak nama 'Surau Baru'.. Kah kah kah kah kah..
ME       : Cehh.. (Roll eyes)
SOMEBODY : Dunia Surau Baru?? Wakakakaka.... Dunia Surau Baru Reunion?? Kah kah kah kah..
ME       : You're such a child... 

Of course lah there will be similarities dengan Dunia Baru. It came from the same source. Duhhh.

The major-major similarities is the song 'Sepohon Kayu' - my fav lagu nasyid ever (selain dari Asmaul Husna ). Madihah from Dunia Baru always sang that song through out the whole season and it was in the movie ( which created quite a ruckus).  

For 'Geng Surau' it became the theme. Oh well, I totally dig that song. 

Other than that, the only similarity is the storytelling and some familiar faces like Anita Baharom there as well as Zazleen Zulkafli.

'Geng Surau' adalah sebuah projek bersama KL Motion dengan Pena Creative Sdn Bhd, milik Puan Hajjah Ziela Jalil, and Astro Oasis.

Executive produced by Nik Naeimah and Rohayah Ibrahim, directed by myself andi was assisted by two other directors aka Kye (Syed Khairul Fariz) and Johan Bahar. Script was provided by Shamsul Haszraei and myself.
Casts includes Beto Kusyairy, Razak Ahmad, Sherie Merlis,Azhan Rani, Ustaz Nazeri, Intan Nor Saina, Anita Baharom, Mat Over and many more.

Geng Surau adalah hasil dari evolusi perbincangan dan kehendak Astro. Saya rasa agak teruja dan terkedu pun ya kerana cerita ini keluar time pertikaian sebuah masjid di Ground Zero di amerika Syarikat. Kebetulan? Ketika orang-orang islam Amerika ingin membangunkan sebuah pusat komuniti dan surau di sana, kisah Geng Surau sedang dilaksananan.

Anyway, how did 'Geng Surau' come about?
Pada awalnya, Astro Oasis wanted a sad story.  
Maka, saya pun draft lah kisah sedih tragis nangis. 
That was struck out. Oh well...
Astro wanted something lighter.
So i dug my old old folders and gave them two stories and one of them was called 'Jalan Daud.

Now, here's the irony :- 

Originally, 'Jalan Daud' was about a ex-delinquent who returned home and centered on group of men who congregated at a small mosque. For Astro purposes, we amended the story and TOOK OUT any surau/ masjid elements because we wanted to give more fokus to community issues and taubat issues.

Both proposal were struck out. 

Astro then said they wanted a story about a small mosque/surau.

Laaaaaaa..  (tepuk dahi) Silly me.. haha.. 'Jalan Daud' was about a bunch of surau guys!!! I shouldnt have taken the surau element out.

So, apa lagi, saya pun bagi original proposal. And alhamdullilah they liked it.

Why i would coincidentally have a proposal on a bunch of surau guys is, ever since forever, i always wanted to do a surau story.  Dua pendorong - my late grandfather, an imam in our village and my late father, a diplomat in Washington D.C. 
Walaupun my father didn't portray himself as somebody who was extremely devout (no kopiah nor did he sport a beard), he was knowledgeable in the religion and a great observer. Everything he observed he illustrated and wrote commentaries. I found his papers  after his death.

In one of the papers, i found hand illustrations of mosque and churces. His observations were about fungsi Masjid. My father said that during the Prophets pbuh time a mosque functioned as a place of education, a community center and of course, a place of worship. However, now ( at that time it was 1983), a mosque merely functioned as a place of worship and nothing more. 

Staying in America allowed him to see the contrast and compare. The small town we were staying in had many places of worship aka churches and that the churches functioned as a community center. The community was rather close knitted and the churches organized many activities to the surrounding community on a consistent basis. 

He wrote, that is something he says we should revive for our mosques in Malaysia one day. A mosque should be prosperous, like during the time of the Prophet pbuh. And one day, if he had the chance he would make things right. He didnt live to see that day. He died at 43 years of age.

Now we get to do it with Geng Surau.
Why not do a preachy drama? Comedy serves a purpose. 

And if anybody can pick up from what were trying to relay, then Alhamdullilah.

"Steady everybody!"


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Vee said...

love ur 'Geng surau'. me and my friends even watch it daily, tggu dpan TV masa nk berbuka tu. it's hillarious.

my friend love the "steady aku" part ;)

Wan said...

I love it. Refreshing, sempoi, selamba, lawak. u name it. MMg the best.

Please buat new season!

Ramlan said...

best giler citer ni... intelligently kelakar!

Ramlan said...

erk.. sori tadi tertekan publish, sebenarnya nak tanya sikit pasal background music (instrumental guitar) yg u all gunakan dlm citer Geng Surau; The Shadows ke? atau band lain?


FIDtotheAH said...

geng surau mmg best..even skang depa dok repeat still kami menganga depan tv.. nak tgk mayat, udey n imam yg syok kat mizz minah.. just love it..

boleh tak buat sambungan geng surau 2.. what will happen to mayat? n how bout the rest? plssss

Ina said...

Salam Liza,

I applaud your geniosity in providing the viewers with quality and good tv series. Keep it up girl. And I think you probably had enough fans telling you to continue geng surau. I am one of them. I really think you should go for it. This series is hillarious. THANK YOU