Thursday, June 10, 2010

Opie Sudah Gemuk _ Dunia Baru Reunion

Dunia Baru Reunion is a web-series for Dunia Baru was launched a month ago tapi because right after Dunia Baru, i embarked on yet another project and then another without stop ( i swear i need a holiday), i wasnt able to blog this. So, here's my blog on DBR. 

The full 20 eps can be seen at 

So, sesiapa yang berminat silalah click the link. 

Anyway, we've received a lot of queries about Dunia Baru which i shall answer in full as per below : 

1) Why is it not on TV?

Let's just say, the station has moved on to bigger projects.

2) Kenapa tak continue season 4, pastu barulah buat reunion?

The original plan was of course to have a season 4. In fact the whole synopsis and story outline for season 4 was written. The fourth season would sum up what happened to each character. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled.

But of course, we weren't ready to thrown in the towel so, we went around selling our comic soul to the world and finally we had a taker in the form of Gua.Com.My.

However, to cram season 4 in 20 eps of 5minute each, was a bit of a waste. So, instead of wasting the season 4 storyline, we thought we save it and create the story about what happens to the gang after college.

Lagipun, as i mentioned up above its a five-minuter. Rugi kalau buat Season 4 dalam 5 minit per episod. Rugi.

3) Kenapa pelakon asal ramai tak dikekalkan ?

Jawapan Pertama :

We called all of them tetapi siapa yang ada dalam DB reunion adalah antara yang dapat commit. Yang lain tu, well .. we tried to get them in but they couldn't commit. 

Disappointed, yes. 

Very disappointed , not really.

We wrote the story to suit which ever pelakon yang bisa memberi komitment. Adif and Erika couldn't make it.. so, we ditched their story out..
Almy couldn't make it - we changed her story & switched the actors. 
Iqram couldnt make it - so we had to reduce his story, and i stress again, HAD TO reduce his story, which of course, directly efffecs Madihah's storyline.
Rio, played by an actor named Fikree is untraceable so, forget it.. We get another Fikhree and we gave him a different character called Azlan.

We would love to have all the original actors back but i guess, they all have moved bigger things in their life and you can't really blame them. 
Jawapan kedua :

Stories should imitate life. Like life itself, you shall meet different people at different phases of life.. Some shall stay, some shall exit. 
Similar to DBR.

4) Why is Opie fat?

Jawapan Pertama : 

Why not? 

I was fat once. S*&t happens and we just take things in as best we can.

5) Why is anak Madihah, Atina extra sengal?

Well, one day, i was in a cafe somewhere in Mutiara when i observed for a full 45 mins, a little 2 year old boy.. Let me stress that again, TWO YEAR OLD BOY, ordering his parents around whilst holding a tantrum  which includes frolicking on the marbled floor (or was it just cement?), making that 360 degree turn lying on the floor whilst stomping his tiny little feet, jumping up and down and basically making a multiple imprints on the glass door with his tiny little oily fingers and spit..

And his mother basically only chirped, ignored his ranting, and even help usher the little screaming monster in and out of the cafe, following his every command.

And i thot to myself.... Nauzubillah and alhamdulillah for the experience and lets make a story out of this. 

6) Hows the cast? Diva tak?
Out of all the genres that i have tried, personally, i find comedy by far the hardest to do. 

And i've worked with so many actors. Mainstream and non-mainstream. 

Trust me on this. You can either over do it, under do it or not do it at all.

Its not easy to make people ketawa kah kah kah. 

To deliver comedy effectively, actors need precise comic timing.

And the original Dunia Baru casts Elyana, Wan Elyas, Anne Ngasri, Anita Baharom, Zazlen Zulkifli, despite how far they have gone in this world, are a humble lot of young actors who have that and can deliver comedy. 

The new faces aka Fikhree Bakar, Beto Kusyairy and Tania Hudson are equally talented.

And yes, the cast was a pleasure to work with. 

Diva? Not at all.